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It’s World Ocean’s Day this Friday. The theme this year is preventing Plastic Pollution and encouraging a solution for cleaner and healthier oceans.

By now, we’ve all heard of plastic pollution. Plastic products in our environment are severly effecting wildlife, their habitats and even humans themselves. Plastic in different forms is being washed into our seas, killing our coral reefs and poisoning our fish which in return when caught and digested is poisoning us.

I myself have slowly but surely witnessed the increase of plastic in our ocean’s. As an island girl growing up in Malta, every summer the equivalent to our playground was the beach. You would walk up to the seaside and the water’s would be pristine. Year after year however things started changing. Oil spills, plastic bottles, fishing lines, dead fish carcasses, polystyrene, straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, coffee cups amongst other things started becoming a natural occurence.

This doesn’t just happen in the Mediterranean but ‘Google’ the words plastic pollution and you can see that this is a problem that is happening everywhere, even in the most remote and uninhabited parts of the world.

Some people are of the opinion that to resolve this problem, plastic should be eradicated completely, however in a world where we thrive on luxury and convenience, personally I don’t think this option is instantly feasable but small changes by everyone can help.

So what can we do?

  • Education- Educate friends, family, volunteer to talk in schools about reefs, reefkeeping or even just your hobby. Showing people the beautiful creatures we keep will create more awareness.


  • Stop using single use plastics- Buy re-usable coffee cups and re-usable water bottles and take them out with you. Take shopping bags when shopping. Use re-usable straws. Take your own container when shopping at butchers, fishmongers and delicatessens. It’s those little changes that all make a difference.


  • Take part in Beach/ City clean ups- No matter where you live, beach & city clean ups are essential to helping the issues we are facing.


  • Watch Chasing Coral- A very insightful movie about how pollution is effecting our reefs


  • Do our research on reducing plastic – Such as not using household and bath products with micro-beads, wearing natural rather than synthetic materials,washbags that collect micro plastics in washing machines.


These are just a handfulof suggestions amongst many others how we can all help. If you have any tips please feel free to share them with us.  We have also included an image below (credits to

The Earth is precious, the Ocean’s even more. They are the base of our ecosystem, without it, the whole system would collapse. Don’t let it be too late. Start from today.

If you’d like to learn more about World Ocean’s Day head on over to

Thank You and Happy Friday!