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Here at Reef Royalty we like to mix things up a bit once in a while, so recently we’ve been introducing more mushrooms to our coral selection.

One of the simplest and easier to keep mushrooms are discosoma mushrooms or more commonly known as discos. These mushrooms are brilliant mushrooms for beginner aquarists as they are quite resilient. Just because they are easier to keep does not mean they aren’t pretty. One of the prettiest and most well known disco mushrooms are Interstellar. We haven’t got any Interstellar in stock yet however we have some other lovely beauties.

Rhodactis are another popular mushroom and although a little bit trickier than discos to keep, they still are quite easy compared to other more demanding corals. We have some amazing Rainbow Rhodactis in stock.

Mushrooms as a general rule tend to like lower flow and higher nutrient water, and can be kept with other corals happily as long as they have sufficient space to grow.

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