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I hope you all have our enjoyed our new look. We are thrilled about it and have been very busy updating new stock everyday.

We recently had one of our Australian shipments and we saw some gorgeous Wilsoni, Trachys and Homophyllia Australis which sold like hot cakes however for those who are still looking for that stunning coral, we still have a few gems left.

We have an amazing white tipped euphyllia ancora which would fit in perfectly in a euphyllia garden placed around other bright hammerhead corals creating an array of eye pleasing colours. It’s quite a larger piece than what we’ve had in stock before.

We also have another stunning euphyllia coral which we aptly named RR Mermaids Green after it’s shimmering green with hints of pinky purple tips. It’s iridescence is truly wonderful.

We’ve also got our last Trachyphyllia Radiata. With it’s blue,purple, green and turqoise flesh it’s a palette of colour and this coral is sure to make a gorgeous centrepiece within your reef.

For those looking for frags, why not try one of our RR Groovy Favias or RR Pink Rainbow Alien Eye Chalice (pictured below). Both corals are packed with insane colours, the favia sporting a sort of tie dye effect with it’s turqoise base and blue streaks and the chalice is an instant eye catcher with it fleshy hot pink base and stunning golden alien eyes which have hints of green within.

Those who know me well know I’m a Montipora Magpie so our stocklist wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a few montiporas in the mix. I personally have a collection of 44 different varieties and I’m always on the hunt for my next ‘find’.

We’ve listened to our audience and we are now offering larger grown out frags. The frags below have been growing in our tanks for the past few months with lots of tender love and care. They’re fully based out so will encrust perfectly onto any base that you might add them on.

Rainbow Montipora

RR Midsummernight Montipora

Sunset Montipora

Purple Digitata Montipora

Setosa Montipora


That’s it for now folks. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable week!


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