Acclimation Guide:

There are a number of ways reefers and hobbyists acclimate corals, every reefer develops their own technique. This is a quick guide to follow:

  • Once the corals have arrived, i would recommend acclimating them as soon as possible without leaving them for an unneccesary amount of time in the box.
  • You can now either;
  • a) Take the corals out of the packaging and instantly dip them (only if the water in the pot is still a similar temperature to your tank)
  • or
    b) Let the pots/ bags float for approximately 10 to 15 mins (or until the water in the pot reaches same/similar temperature to your tank water  and then open them for dipping.

Dipping Corals:

Now that we have acclimated the corals we move onto the second and one of the most important parts.

Dipping corals is not essential however it is highly recommended. A good visual check is also recommended after dipping.

Wild and Tank Bred corals can come with a number of pests that can harm or eat both corals and fish in your tank. So prevention is key.

Some commonly found pest are:

  • Asterina Starfish
  • Flatworm
  • Zoa Nudibranch
  • Montipora Nudibranch
  • Snails & Crabs

Please also keep in mind NOT ALL Pests can be killed via dipping.

Some recommended coral dips are:

Coral RX pro Coral Dip

Coral Dipping Guide Coral RX

Polylab Reef Primer Coral Conditioner

Coral Dipping Guide Reef Primer

Two Little Fishes Revive Coral Cleaner

Coral Dipping Guide ReVive


Coral Dipping Guide Dettol

Coral RX Dipping method:

My current preferred choice for dipping is Coral RX pro. Here is a guide on how to dip your corals using this product.

You will need:

  • 2 buckets/ bowls/ jugs
  • 2 litres tank water
  • Coral RX pro dip
  • small powerhead (optional)
  • Timer or other device to keep the time


  • Pour 1 (one) litre of tank water into one of your buckets
  • Add 12 drops of Coral Rx Pro Dip
  • Mix it well
  • Add the coral into the mixture
  • Place a small powerhead into the bowl so you get a good flow going through the coral to ensure the best dipping results
  • If you dont have a powerhead you can give the coral a good swish and swirl whilst its in the dip
  • Leave for around 5 to 10 minutes
  • Once the time is up, fill up the 2nd bucket with another litre of fresh tank water.
  • Give it a good rinse
  • The coral can now be put in your system

Iodine Dipping:

I am a firm believer that both dosing and dipping in Iodine does benefit corals quite a bit. Iodine dipping can be used for both bacterial infections (not pests!) and will also benefit those corals that are either poorly or looking a bit worse for wear.

My desired product for Iodine dipping is Brightwell Aquatics Lugols Iodine Coral Dip. This can be used both as a dip and can also be dosed as part of your dosing regime

Coral Dipping Guide Iodine Dipping

Dipping Guide:

You will need:

  • Bowl for dipping
  • 1 measured cup tank water
  • Brightwell Aquatics Lugol Iodine Coral Dip
  • Timer or other device for keeping the time

Dipping Method:

  • Measure out (with a measuring jug) 1 cup tank water
  • Add 2 drops of the iodine dip
  •  Add the coral in giving it a good swish and swirl in the mixture
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Put the coral back in your tank

~Note: 4 drops can be added for a more potent mix. More information about the dip can be found on the Brightwell Aquatics website.